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2620 North Walnut Ave, Bloomington IN - 812-355-0405

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Minecraft meets Karate!!

Check out our new project!!! We have started a multiplayer Minecraft server for the karate students at Ryukyu Kyusho Martial Arts. This is a family friendly site monitored and run by Sensei Greene. There are lots of places to explore... Visit Sensei's Cottage in the mountains, build your house in White Belt Village, Yellow Belt Forest, or Orange Belt Valley etc... Complete challenges and acquire loot!

Check out our YouTube video and watch for more to come. The channel name is "twinjitsu". Here's a link to our introduction video to Ryukyu Kyusho World.

To join, send Sensei Greene an email and give her your Minecraft user name so she can invite you to join. We are using Minecraft Realms as a host server so there are no worries of third party activity on an unfamiliar server. Only current students at the school may join, all ages welcome.



Ryukyu Kyusho in the community...

Ryukyu Kyusho Martial Arts recently hosted a Girl Scouts Self Defense event at the Dojo. At this event, the Girl Scouts learned a little about self-defense and were able to experience what a martial arts class is like. Thank you to the Girl Scout troup for making this event possible. Below is a group photo of the participants, instructors and assistants.

Seminar Calendar
David Castoldi Knife Defense IU Assembly Hall Press Room March 23, 2013 1pm to 4pm $65*

* see flyer for pre-registration and Student discounts


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