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2620 North Walnut Ave, Bloomington IN - 812-355-0405

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This year’s Summer Camp will be another great learning event for children 8 to 14 years old.

Dates: Monday July 8th through Friday July 12th

Time: 9am to noon each day.

Training will cover:

  • Small Circle Jujitsu
  • Modern Arnis
  • Ground Fighting
  • Self Defense
  • Yoga
  • Chi Gung
  • …and more

Register for the Camp before June 22nd and the cost is only $115 for 15 hours of instruction, a Camp tee shirt, hula hoop, padded Arnis cane, snacks, Camp certificate and pizza on Friday.

After June 22nd the Camp is $140.

To attend just part of the Camp:

1 day - $35
2 days - $60
3 days - $80
4 days $100

If you have questions about late registration, partial camp fee, or anything else –
call 812-355-0405, email, or speak with Sensei Rhodes.

For a printable flyer click here.

Ryukyu Kyusho in the community...

Ryukyu Kyusho Martial Arts recently hosted a Girl Scouts Self Defense event at the Dojo. At this event, the Girl Scouts learned a little about self-defense and were able to experience what a martial arts class is like. Thank you to the Girl Scout troup for making this event possible. Below is a group photo of the participants, instructors and assistants.

Seminar Calendar
David Castoldi Knife Defense IU Assembly Hall Press Room March 23, 2013 1pm to 4pm $65*

* see flyer for pre-registration and Student discounts


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